Real Estate

CDOT Wolcott Maintenance Building on a clear, sunny day


Statutorily delegated to maintain an inventory and manage all CDOT owned real property assets for leasing or disposal.


Authority for the Real Estate program to perform the following duties is documented in Chapter 7 of the ROW manual

Negotiate purchase price and execute contracts to buy maintenance sites, office, employee housing, or other property needed for non-highway use
Negotiate sale price and execute contracts for the sale of right-of-way, excess, remnant, general ledger, and project property as well as devolutions and abandonments.
Execute contracts, negotiate rates, and manage post execution leases for all CDOT owned real property. Types of leases include land, building, mineral rights, cell tower, and employee housing. Execute agreements involving real estate or crossing of the access control line onto the State Highway system.
Maintain a comprehensive GIS database containing all records associated with any property CDOT has ever owned.