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Find phone numbers and email addresses for CDOT's property management subject area specialists:

General Information on all Propety Management Programs

Marcella Broussard
Property Management Program Manager
303-512-5505 - [email protected]

David Fox
Deputy Program Manager
303-249-4233 - [email protected]

Dawn Zarubnicky
Program Assistant
303-512-5526 - [email protected] 

Leasing Programs

Alicia Clemons
Real Estate Manager
303-512-5525 - [email protected]

Property Disposals

Alicia Clemons
Real Estate Manager
303-512-5525 - [email protected]

New Construction of Vertical Buildings, Remodels & Additions

Erin Lucero
Architect III
720-737-6591 - [email protected]

Rob Levinson
Architect I
720-550-0033 - [email protected]

Karm Wahab
Architect I
720-648-0141 - [email protected]

Robert Wilson
State Buildings Program Manager
303-548-6819 - [email protected]

Frank Melehan
Construction Project Manager
561-267-1444 - [email protected]

Harrison Onditi Omolo
Construction Project Manager
303-903-3097 - [email protected]

Hazardous Waste, Asbestos, Environmental & Demolition Programs.  Including Soils and Groundwater Remediation, Lead Based Paint and Petroleum Systems Management

Theresa Santangelo-Dreiling
Hazardous Waste Management Supervisor
303-512-5524 - [email protected]

Phil Kangas
Asbestos Manager
303-325-6123 - [email protected]

Bill Bond
Environmental Specialist
303-501-7435 - [email protected]

Tim Hagert
Environmental Specialist
720-582-0694 - [email protected]