CDOT Expands Use of Trip Travel Time Signs on I-25 in the Denver Area

April 8, 2011 - Denver Metro Colorado/CDOT Region 6 - DENVER—- The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently added trip travel time messages to two existing variable message boards on I-25 south of Denver and added a destination to an existing trip travel sign to provide additional real-time travel information that will help motorist plan ahead.

The following trip travel time information is now available at the following locations:

  • Northbound I-25 at RidgeGate Parkway in Douglas County: This existing variable message sign will be used to display trip travel times to both C-470 and Arapahoe Road.
  • Northbound I-25 in north Castle Rock at Founders/Meadows Parkway: This is an existing trip travel time sign that previously provided estimated travel times to C-470.  The sign now provides travel times to both C-470 and Arapahoe Road.
  • Southbound I-25 Lincoln Avenue: This existing variable message sign will be used to display trip travel times to the north end of Castle Rock at Founders/Meadows Parkway (US 85/State Highway 86), Monument and North Academy in Colorado Springs.

“The trip travel time signs that have been in use to date are testing well and providing travelers with additional information to plan their route,” said CDOT Traffic Engineer Jill Scott.  “We will continue to test the trip travel time signs and slowly expand the number of signs and destinations along the I-25 corridor.”

All of CDOT’s trip travel time signs provide real-time travel information, allowing drivers to estimate how long their trip will take based on present traffic conditions.  It also is useful for comparing normal travel times with the current estimated travel time, allowing drivers to consider the use of alternate routes, if necessary, to help avoid traffic congestion.

The system on I-25 is collecting data from side-fire speed sensors and toll transponders.  Speed, volume, and road segment travel data is calculated and then the estimated travel time is displayed.  CDOT does not have access to any personal or identifying information on a vehicle and information is deleted from the system within two hours.

Travel times are not predictive but provide a snapshot of current highway traffic and conditions.  Travel time messages and information will not be available during times traffic is stopped or a major incident results in a highway closure.

CDOT currently is displaying travel time data on electronic signs on I-70 west of Denver, in the Denver area along C-470 and 6th Avenue and to the south between Colorado Springs and Lone Tree.  Over the next year to two years, CDOT will continue to expand trip travel time information on I-25 from 84th Avenue to Lone Tree.  The signs will slowly roll out from 84th Avenue and from Lone Tree.