Agencies Join Together to ask Motorists to Move Over, Pay Attention and Drive with Caution Around Emergency Vehicles

August 11, 2011 - MEDIA EVENT - Denver Metro Colorado/CDOT Region 6 - Who: CDOT Executive Director Don Hunt, Colorado State Patrol Colonel Jim Wolfinbarger, Mindy McIntyre, daughter of recently injured CDOT employee David Wright and representatives from various groups and agencies that work alongside Colorado highways including West Metro Fire and the tow truck industry.

What: Media event to discuss the “Move Over” law and safe driving practices around emergency vehicles and those who work on our highways and Interstates.

Where: The Colorado State Patrol Academy Parking Lot at Camp George West
15055 South Golden Road
Golden, CO 80401

When: Friday, August 12, 2011 at 1:30 p.m.

Why: Having your workplace on the highway is a dangerous job. Emergency workers, tow truck drivers, maintenance and construction workers all work to assist motorists and ensure the safety of the public. They do this while working within feet of vehicles traveling at high speeds.  Just last week, CDOT employee David Wright was hit by a vehicle when he made a decision to remove debris from the roadway.  These workers are faced with tough decisions trying to protect the public while trying to balance the need to keep themselves safe.

The agencies above want to raise motorist awareness about the “Move Over” law and encourage motorists to pay attention and watch for workers when emergency vehicles are present so that workers and motorists alike make it home safely.