SH 82 Aspen Signal Interconnect Project Start Delayed

September 29, 2011 - Northwestern Colorado/CDOT Region 3 - ASPEN – The Colorado Department of Transportation announced today that the signal interconnect project will begin on Monday, October 3rd. The project was originally scheduled to begin last Monday.

“There was a short delay in processing some of the required contract documentation for the project,” said Tom Newland, public information manager for the project. Newland went on to say that all of the documents have been executed and the contractor, WL Contracting, will begin the work on Monday at the Aspen Airport Business Center (AABC) intersection. The project is expected to continue through the middle of November.

The project involves work at all of the signalized intersections (eight total) between the Aspen Airport and Galena Street, with the exception of the Cemetery Lane intersection. The work will consist of installing pedestrian push buttons, in-pavement traffic signal loops, underground conduit, fiber optic cable and communications systems that will link the signals together for improved traffic management. Currently, the cycles at the traffic signals are manually set.  When the project is completed, the traffic light timing will change based on traffic and pedestrian demand. This will help ease congestion and increase safety in the highway corridor.

The Cemetery Lane traffic signal will not be interconnected with the other signals. This is because Cemetery Lane lies between the roundabout and the S-curves in Aspen, which create too many variables in traffic flow. There are currently cameras at Cemetery lane and CDOT may put detection loops in at the intersection in the future.

SIGN UP TO RECEIVE PROJECT UPDATES: Those with questions or concerns about the project may contact Tom Newland, Public Information Manager, at (970) 618-9805 or e-mail at [email protected].  Those wanting to receive project updates can sign up via CDOT’s free message system.  Go to and click on green cell phone in the upper right hand side of the page.  After signing in, scroll down to “State Highway 82 in Aspen” and check the box.  Updated information on other CDOT projects can be found @ or by calling 511.

CDOT and WL Contractors greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation while going through the work zone. Thank you for going Slow for the Cone Zone.