Radar Signs and VMS Boards Advise Slower Speeds Along Interstate 25 / Cimarron Project

January 5, 2016 - Southeastern Colorado/CDOT Region 2 - radar signs will be installed this week along Interstate-25 at the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) I-25/Cimarron Interchange Design-Build Project area.

Colorado Springs – In effort to improve safety for drivers and construction crews, speed The advisory speed limit will be a warning rather than the speed limit. In addition, Variable Message Signs (VMS) are currently in use to notify motorists of changes in traffic patterns and road conditions.

The radar speed check signs flash the speed of approaching vehicles, alerting drivers if they are exceeding the speed limit. “Radar speed check signs produce reductions in average roadway speeds, along with an increased compliance with the posted speed limit,” said Dave Watt, CDOT Project Director. The speed check signs are the same type of speed detection units currently in operation at the

I-25/Fillmore Interchange Project. “In response to additional truck traffic entering and exiting the highway, CDOT is being proactive and stepping up efforts to advise drivers to slow down,” said Watt. “Messages advising motorists to slow down have been posted on VMS for the past couple of months. We are now also installing the flashing radar speed check signs at the I-25/Cimarron Interchange area for speed advisory only.”

A 2008 study conducted by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) evaluated the effectiveness of treatments to reduce vehicles speeds. The study concluded that radar speed check signs were highly effective at slowing cars, even months after installation. “In 2014, the I-25/Cimarron Interchange was ranked the third highest accident location of highway interchanges in Colorado Springs,” said Colorado Springs Police Department Public Information Officer, Lt. Catherine Buckley. “Any effort to advise motorists to slow down and avoid distractions through this congested area will improve traffic safety in the area.”

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PROJECT INFORMATION: CDOT’s $113 million I-25/Cimarron Interchange Design-Build Project involvesrebuilding the I-25 interchange between Colorado Avenue on the north and South Nevada Avenue to the south, 8th Street on the west and the Cimarron Street bridge over Fountain Creek on the east.Improvements will provide enhanced operations, correct existing safety and design deficiencies, and serve the anticipated short- and long-term area travel demands. When complete, this will be a high-functioning interchange, safely handling more vehicles, enhancing multi-modal travel for those using I-25, US 24/Cimarron Street and the trail system along Monument and Fountain creeks. Substantial completion:  fall 2017.

Project information: https://www.codot.gov/projects/i25cimarronDB, call 719-302-6781 or email[email protected].

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