CDOT Rolls Out “Slow-Speed Chase” Tomorrow at Civic Center Park and Snoop Dogg Concert

April 19, 2016 - Metro Denver Colorado/CDOT Region1 - Media Advisory - Flashy Cars Dispel Misconceptions On Marijuana Use and Driving

DENVER — On Wednesday, April 20, CDOT will stage a “Slow-Speed Chase” around Civic Center Park during an anticipated marijuana protest rally and Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater for the Snoop Dogg concert to raise awareness about the effects, laws and penalties of driving while under the influence of marijuana. Part of CDOT’s Drive High, Get a DUI campaign, the two vehicles — one that looks like a patrol car and the other wrapped in bright marijuana leaf designs — will display messages about the dangers and consequences of driving while high.

WHAT: CDOT’s “Slow-Speed Chase” Raises Awareness About Dangers and Penalties of High Driving


Wednesday, April 20

Media Sneak Peek — 11 a.m. at CDOT HQ, 4201 E Arkansas Ave, Denver, CO 80222

Media will have the opportunity to get photos and video of the two vehicles and interview Sam Cole, CDOT Safety Communications Manager.

“Slow-Speed Chase” Around Civic Center Park — 2 to 3 p.m.

With the official 420 Rally on April 16 cancelled, we anticipate a gathering at Civic Center Park on April 20. CDOT representatives will drive the two vehicles around the rally. Media has the opportunity to ride along.

“Slow-Speed Chase” Around Snoop Dogg Concert — 3:30 to 5 p.m.

Prior to the Snoop Dogg concert at Fiddler’s Green, CDOT will drive the two vehicles around the venue to reached attendees.


  • Sam Cole — CDOT Safety Communications Manager