High Llama Lane Entrance from US 160 to Close

Travelers to now use Wilson Gulch Drive exits

LA PLATA COUNTY–The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has announced it will close the entrance to High Llama Lane on US Highway (US) 160 in the Grandview area. The permanent closure will begin Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Travelers driving eastbound will now use the Wilson Gulch Drive exit, just east of Farmington Hill, to access High Llama Lane. Meanwhile, westbound travelers may access High Llama Lane using either Three Springs Boulevard or the Wilson Gulch Drive exit, just west of the current High Llama Lane entrance.

We are pleased that the City of Durango’s recent opening of Wilson Gulch Drive now allows for a safer connectivity to High Llama Lane and other streets and roads in the Grandview and Three Springs area, including the hospital,” said Robert Shanks, CDOT Region 5 local agency engineer.

"The existing High Llama Lane intersection is very near the westbound Wilson Gulch Drive exit ramp. This close proximity has created a safety concern for traffic entering and exiting High Llama Lane. The long-term plan has always been to close High Llama Lane at US 160 once Wilson Gulch Drive was opened to traffic."

High Llama Lane Closure

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