CDOT Launches Mind the Gap Safety Campaign for 18-Mile Stretch of I-25 from Colorado Springs to Denver

August 29, 2017

Mind the Gap logo.png

Denver—CDOT is asking drivers to "Mind the Gap" as part of a new safety campaign. The Gap is an 18-mile stretch of I-25 between Monument and C-470 known for a higher-than-average number of crashes.

There were 5,537 crashes between C-470 and Colorado Springs from 2011 to 2015. The top causes of crashes along the corridor are rear-end and sideswipe collisions. Growing congestion and a road not built to handle an average of up to 87,000 vehicles on a weekend day have contributed to crashes and closures.

"Without a doubt, safety is our number one concern and we urge drivers to take caution when traveling this stretch of highway," said CDOT Communications Manager Tamara Rollison. "The Gap has not been upgraded since the 1950s, and until we can improve this stretch of highway, we are asking drivers to help us by minding the gap."

As part of the campaign, CDOT has launched a Mind the Gap web page, which provides drivers with facts about this stretch of highway and tips on traveling safely.

Rollison continued, "We hope this new campaign will arm drivers with the information and tools to effectively 'Mind the Gap'."

As part of the campaign, CDOT is emphasizing safety tips and encouraging drivers to plan ahead:

  • Mind your space—Allow plenty of room between your vehicle and the one ahead of you.

  • Mind your blind spots—Make sure you are clear before switching lanes to prevent sideswipes.

  • Mind your speed—Drive the posted speed limit.

  • Mind the unexpected—Speeds, construction, weather and wildlife can change road conditions quickly.

  • Mind the latest information—Plan ahead and know before you go; visit, or call 511 for the latest road conditions.

According to Rollison, CDOT is on an aggressive track to improve the road and will be ready for construction by summer 2019 if funding is available. A planning and environmental linkages (PEL) study is underway to identify immediate and longer-term solutions to this critical stretch of highway, connecting the state's two largest cities.

The PEL was initiated in advance of having any funding secured for construction. This approach allows CDOT to accelerate the environmental analyses required when construction funds are identified. Learn more.