Number Crunching to enhance Human-Powered Travel

August 17, 2017 - Denver Metro Colorado/CDOT Region 1 - The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is teaming up with Strava Metro to collect better cycling and walking trip information. 


That data then will be used to improve planning, safety, and infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians throughout the state.

Strava is a free mobile app and website which lets users track their human-powered travels via GPS.  It anonymously compiles route information so transportation planners and engineers can use actual trip information to make better decisions towards investments in the transportation system.  Strava is providing CDOT with a variety of information, including cycling and pedestrian counts, origin-destination information, and intersection wait times.

“This data will greatly expand our knowledge of bicycle and pedestrian trip patterns and counts throughout Colorado. This will allow our planners and engineers to make more informed decisions when making changes to our transportation system,” said CDOT Bicycling and Pedestrian Facility Engineer Ken Brubaker.  “We’ll be able to determine things such as if a specific road or trail is used more for commuting or recreation.  That can help us determine what kind of infrastructure might be required.  Ultimately, we want to make biking and walking safer in Colorado.”

CDOT also will be able to share this data with other agencies, metropolitan planning organizations and transportation planning regions, assisting them with improving facilities in their particular areas.

“In addition to helping CDOT allocate its resources, it can also help other organizations as well,” added Brubaker.  “For example, if Denver Water wanted more information about usage on the High Line Canal Trail, that’s something we could provide them.”

CDOT purchased the trip data as part of a two-year pilot to determine its usefulness.

Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Florida and Idaho are some of the states currently using Strava data to enhance their bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure. 

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