Westbound I-70 Closed Between Quebec and Colorado Boulevard Due to Hazmat Spill

DENVER―Westbound Interstate 70 is closed between Quebec and Colorado Boulevard after 125 gallons of concrete sealer spilled onto the roadway—covering a stretch approximately the size of a football field.

The Denver Fire Department has covered the sealer with sand to reduce the strong odor and to soak up the material. The sand will then need to be cleaned off the interstate.

This is considered to be a hazmat spill due to the material being flammable. The road must remain closed to protect the safety of motorists and to protect the outside exterior of passing vehicles from the sealer.

The road will not be opened until the material is completely cleaned off the roadway. This closure could last through rush hour. Motorists should anticipate significant delays and are urged to watch for warning signs, speed reductions and traffic control personnel in the area.