I-25 Pinon Southbound Rest Area to Re-open

Dec. 15, 2017 -

PUEBLO―On Monday, Dec, 18, CDOT will reopen the I-25 Pinon southbound rest area.

"With the busy holiday travel season upon us, the convenience of the southbound Pinon rest area needs to be made available for motorists," explained Karen Rowe, regional transportation director for CDOT's Southeast Colorado area.

The rest area was originally closed on March 31, 2017, and was expected to be closed for six months to clean and fix the vault septic system. The system was originally designed not to require routine maintenance. Unfortunately, the design failed to keep up with the volume of waste, not to mention trash and non-biodegradable items put into the system.

During the closure, the vault system was purged and decontaminated. Contractors and experts were consulted for options on a permanent fix during the closure. A team determined the best permanent solution is a septic system.

The design and permit process for this solution is expected to take at least a year. CDOT is currently in the process of securing design funds to move forward. Construction funds of $2.6 million are need to install the permanent fix. CDOT will be working to find the construction funding, but design will move forward.

Once the construction funds are identified, the project will be advertised. CDOT will then announce the length and time needed to close and construct the permanent repairs. This will is expected to be completed in a year or two.

In the meantime, the vault system will function adequately and cleaning of this facility is anticipated to be included in the permanent repair construction project.