CO 90 Bridge Removal Work Continues

February 16, 2017 - Southwestern Colorado/CDOT Region 5 - PUBLIC CAUTIONED: Stopping within Work Zone Is Not Allowed

Stopping on Temporary Detour Bridge Is Not Allowed

MONTROSE COUNTY - The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and SEMA Construction continue work of removing the old Dolores River Bridge located on Colorado Highway 90 about four miles east of Bedrock and 15 miles east of the Colorado-Utah state line. CDOT and SEMA have completed the construction of a temporary equipment bridge and a platform to capture debris while the old bridge is dismantled. (see photo) Crews plan to take apart the old bridge at the end of this month (February) and will continue the dismantling process into March.

TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Motorists will continue to use the temporary bridge installed just north of the old existing bridge which allows for a detour of single-lane alternating traffic. During daytime work shifts of the dismantling process, flaggers will guide and control traffic. The light signals will be used to control traffic during non-working hours and at night. No oversized/overweight loads are allowed on the temporary bridge.

SAFETY: For the safety of the traveling public and work crews, motorists are reminded that stopping on the temporary one-lane bridge is not allowed. Stopping within the construction work zone is not allowed. Please do not turn onto the dirt roads within the construction zone.  These restrictions are in place for public safety and for protection from large equipment operating in the work areas.

This project, expected to be completed later this summer, includes the dismantling of the old truss bridge and replacing it with a new pre-cast concrete structure. The new bridge will provide several improvements for the driving public including wider and higher clearance for oversized vehicles. The project cost, including design and construction, is estimated at $3.8 million.   

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CDOT PHOTO: CDOT and SEMA Construction have completed the construction of a temporary equipment bridge and platform to capture debris while the old Dolores River Bridge is dismantled.