CDOT, Galvanize Announce Technology & Education Partnership at Consumer Electronics Show

CES brings together public/private partnership focused on people, workforce and harnessing emerging transportation technology deployment

DENVER—At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Galvanize, Inc., announced a groundbreaking partnership to provide CDOT employees access to education, resources and opportunities in the technology industry, and to collaborate on transportation solutions.

The first partnership of its kind in the nation, the agreement also means Galvanize students will have access and opportunity to work on real-world transportation challenges where actual pilot programs and ideas could be implemented in Colorado.

"This partnership is about building the workforce of the future—today," said CDOT Executive Director Shailen Bhatt. "It is easy in the emergence of self-driving and connected cars to focus only on the technology. At CDOT, we are also focused holistically on the people side of how we harness emerging transportation technology and tie people into the skills necessary to bring this technology to Colorado.

As part of the partnership, Galvanize will offer data engineering experts to assist with CDOT projects. Also, CDOT will have access to Galvanize data science, full-stack software, systems architecture, information systems development, programming and more. CDOT will provide opportunities for Galvanize students to engage on substantial industry-aligned projects.

"In the 21st century, successful private-sector businesses rely on technology to best serve their customers; Shailen Bhatt and his team at CDOT clearly understand the same is true in the public sector," said Galvanize CEO Jim Deters. "We look forward to helping CDOT employees engaged in advanced data science and modern technologies through our nationally recognized, tailored training programs.

"In addition to working with CDOT to identify existing, untapped and emerging talent within its organization, the transportation challenges faced by CDOT will provide invaluable real-world training for our students and staff."

Also, CDOT will participate in and present at Galvanize events to discuss current issues facing departments of transportation across the country. As appropriate, CDOT will deploy ideas and pilot programs generated by Galvanize employees and students.

"Galvanize has a multi-disciplined instructional team with valuable expertise that will help Colorado lead the nation in transportation by utilizing and leveraging big data and evolving technology," added Bhatt. "At the same time, CDOT can offer Galvanize students real-world transportation challenges on which to work and test solutions."

Closely engaged in advancing CDOT RoadX initiatives, Galvanize campuses provide a unique hub of activities where entrepreneurial members, large industry partners, start-ups, students and the public can engage in developing 21st century transportation solutions. RoadX is Colorado's initiative to develop innovative technology solutions and partnerships to improve the state's transportation system.

One of the first elements of the collaboration will be for Galvanize to help promote CDOT's recently launched RoadX Bicycle and Pedestrian Challenge. CDOT will award a total of $500,000 to entrepreneurs, ideators or communities who submit creative ideas and inventive technological solutions that can help protect bicyclists and pedestrians. Galvanize will host an event on Tuesday, Jan. 17 at its Denver location to bring together entrepreneurs to discuss solutions to the Challenge. The event was launched in partnership with the Colorado Innovation Network (COIN)'s Imagine Colorado. CDOT will be accepting submissions through Feb. 27, 2017.

About CDOT's RoadX

RoadX is Colorado's bold commitment to national leadership in using innovative technology to improve the state's transportation system. The advent of the personal computer, the internet and smart devices has dramatically changed how people live their lives and conduct business. RoadX is focused on furthering the integration of these new technologies into the transportation industry.

About Galvanize, Inc.

Galvanize is a dynamic tech-learning community that offers education, workspace and networking for students, start-ups and large companies. Galvanize teaches web development, data science and data engineering to students, offers support and workspace to over 700 member companies and provides over 200 networking events across nine urban campuses throughout the nation.

Galvanize campuses bring together entrepreneurs, students, investors, mentors, and great people and companies to develop the skills, mindset, and networks necessary to thrive in a technology driven world. To learn more about Galvanize, visit them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.