Innovative 8th Street/US 24 Quadrant Intersection Complete and Ready for Traffic

July 12, 2017 - Southeastern Colorado/CDOT Region 2 - Colorado Springs – The new 8th Street Quadrant Intersection will open early morning, Tuesday, July 18.

Improvements to the 8th Street/US 24 Quadrant Intersection will accommodate traffic demands and reduce congestion-related accidents.

The new 8th Street/US 24 Quadrant Intersection will take some getting used to for motorists traveling in the area. Below is a description, along with a graphic to help illustrate this new, efficient route.

  • Motorists heading west on US 24 wishing to get to 8th Street can utilize the new Quadrant Intersection by turning left where the old Express Inn hotel was previously located, south of Acorn Gas Station. Once at 8th Street, there will be a new signalized intersection -- one designated left turn to southbound 8th Street, and one lane through/left turn/right turn.

  • Motorists heading north on 8th Street, wishing to get to US 24 need to utilize the new quadrant intersection by taking the free right turn at the intersection and then use the two designated right turn lanes to access eastbound US 24. Please keep in mind that motorists will not be able to turn right onto eastbound US 24 from northbound 8th Street during construction; watch for signage to direct you.

  • There will only be a single left turn lane from westbound US 24 to southbound 8th Street.

  • The new entrance into Acorn gas station will be open off of the new Quadrant Intersection. Access off of 8th Street remains open.  

Video Simulation: New 8th Street to US 24 Connection

The newly constructed quadrant takes the existing heavy traffic at US 24/8th Street intersection, approximately 60,000 vehicles per day, and move them through two separate signalized intersections. "This innovative addition to the project suggested by the contractor will significantly reduce the amount of conflicting traffic at the US 24/8th Street intersection by spreading the traffic out," said Dave Watt, CDOT project manager. Adding the new US 24/8th Street connection is anticipated to accommodate 20 percent more weekday rush hour traffic capacity and 40 percent more weekend rush hour traffic capacity in this area overall. The additional connection will accommodate long‐term traffic demands and reduce congestion‐related accidents.

On opening day, about 1,300 vehicles will use the quadrant intersection in the evening peak hour, which equates to 13,000 to 15,000 vehicles per day. In 2035, about 1,870 vehicles will use the quadrant intersection in the evening peak hour, which equates to about 18,000 to 20,000 vehicles per day.

Improvements include:

  • A new signalized intersection on 8th Street

  • Exclusive right turn lane from northbound 8th Street to eastbound US 24

  • Signalized left turns from westbound US 24 
to 8th Street

  • A second southbound I‐25 to westbound US 24 right 
turn lane

  • Double right turns from the quadrant
road to eastbound US 24

  • This design retains the Acorn Gas Station and 
provides new access from the quadrant road.

The project team's approach maximizes the safety, capacity, and operation of the interchange and surrounding transportation network, while improving the capacity at US 24 and 8th Street.

All Media Personnel: The I-25/Cimarron project is an active construction area. Access on the project site is restricted unless accompanied by a Colorado Department of Transportation or Kraemer representative. Your safety is important to us so please coordinate access requests in advance with Michelle Peulen. A safe area for interviews, b-roll, etc., and a project team member will be designated for escort and will coordinate the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. We appreciate your cooperation. 

PROJECT INFORMATION: The $113 million I-25/Cimarron Interchange Design-Build Project involves rebuilding the I-25 interchange between Colorado Avenue on the north and South Nevada Avenue to the south, 8th Street on the west and the Cimarron Street over Fountain Creek bridge on the east. Improvements are intended to provide enhanced operations, correct existing safety and design deficiencies, and to serve the anticipated short- and long-term travel demands in this area. When complete, this will be a high-functioning interchange that safely handles more vehicles and enhances multi-modal travel for those using I-25, US 24/Cimarron Street and the trail system along Monument and Fountain creeks. Substantial completion is planned for fall 2017.

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