Months-Long Grand Avenue Bridge Closure Starts Monday, Aug. 14

Business and tourism access remains open during approximately 95-day detour

Starting Monday, Aug. 14 and continuing for about 95 days, crews will close the Grand Avenue Bridge—the main connection for motorists from Interstate 70 to Colorado Highway 82. A two-lane detour will be in place while crews construct the new Grand Avenue Bridge.

GAB Detour.jpg

There will be no access to CO 82 from I-70 Exit 116, and there will be one-lane in each direction at the Exit 116 (Main Glenwood) interchange. I-70 Exit 114 (west Glenwood) and Exit 116 (Main Glenwood) will remain open.

"During the GAB closure and detour, the contractor will deconstruct the current Grand Avenue Bridge, build the new traffic bridge connection over the Colorado River and Union Pacific Railroad, complete the south abutment, build a new roundabout at the intersection of Sixth and Laurel streets, construct the wing walls on the south side of the river and complete the connection to Grand Avenue," said Tracy Trulove, communications manager for CDOT's Northwest Colorado region. "Our communications team launched a public information campaign in February of this year. We have held over 65 meetings with stakeholders and produced several printed materials. We want everyone to know that Glenwood Springs is still wide open for business and to enjoy all the amenities that this town has to offer."

Closure Area

  • CO 82 Grand Avenue Bridge in Glenwood Springs between Sixth Street and Eighth Street will be closed.
  • Seventh Street from Colorado Avenue to Cooper Avenue will be closed during this time.
  • I-70 Exit 114 (west Glenwood) and Exit 116 (Main Glenwood) will remain open.
  • There will be no access to CO 82 from I-70 Exit 116, and there will be one-lane traffic in each direction at the interchange.

Detour Route

Northbound (Traveling to north or west Glenwood, and I-70 access)

  • Northbound CO 82 will be reduced to one lane near 27th Street.
  • Turn left on Eighth Street, right onto Midland Avenue and continue to the I-70 Exit 114 interchange for access to I-70, and north or west Glenwood residential and commercial areas.

Southbound (Traveling to Glenwood Springs and Roaring Fork Valley)

  • Westbound Glenwood and I-70 traffic heading to Glenwood Springs or Aspen on CO 82 will be detoured through the I-70 Exit 114 interchange to Midland Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Eighth Street, right onto Colorado Avenue, left onto Ninth Street and right onto Grand Avenue to continue up-valley, or access downtown Glenwood Springs residential and commercial areas.

Traffic Delays

Traffic delays are contingent on a 35 percent reduction in vehicle trips along the detour route, or approximately 700 vehicles per hour. If a 35 percent reduction is not achieved during peak hours (morning: 6:30-9 a.m., evening: 3:30-7 p.m.), motorists can anticipate up to a one-hour delay in addition to normal travel time.

If a 35 percent reduction is achieved, 15-minute delays are anticipated. Traffic impacts and delays will span from the I-70 Exit 114 interchange to 27th Street in Glenwood Springs.

Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian access from north Glenwood to downtown will be maintained via the new pedestrian bridge. There will be no pedestrian access under the traffic bridge; all pedestrians will cross at the identified crosswalk at Eighth Street and Grand Avenue for access to city streets east and west of Grand Avenue.

Visitor Information

Hotels in south Glenwood Springs, at Glenwood Meadows and Exit 114:
Drive through the detour and, if possible, time your arrival and departure to avoid commuter traffic patterns—generally weekdays from 6:30 to 9 a.m. and 3:30 to 7 p.m. After arrival, hop aboard the city's free shuttle service to get to attractions and other destinations.

Hotels in north and west Glenwood Springs:
It is not necessary to take the detour route to reach these locations. However, walking, cycling and taking the free shuttle service are highly recommended after arrival. Access to US 6 will remain the same.

Emergency Services and Safety Message

Motorists are reminded to move over for emergency services vehicles (EMS). Anyone who blocks EMS is subject to citation and fines. Northbound CO 82 traffic will be reduced to one lane at 27th Street. The right lane is reserved for EMS, transit, vanpools and right turns only. Wulfsohn Road, behind the Glenwood Meadows, is reserved for EMS, transit and vanpools. Blocking intersections will not be tolerated.

Commercial Vehicles

All commercial vehicles must use CDOT permitting office for wide-load restrictions. Independence Pass is NOT an alternate route. Vehicles over 35 feet are permitted to use McClure Pass. Cottonwood Pass between Eagle County and Garfield County is also NOT a recommended alternate route, and commercial vehicles are prohibited on this county road.

Tools to Achieve a 35 Percent Reduction

The following are tools to reduce traffic and frustration during the 95-day detour.

Plan Ahead

  • Please plan your trip or commute by understanding traffic impacts and delays.
  • Avoid peak travel times.
  • Shift your schedule, combine trips or telecommute.

Team Up

  • Commute with your neighbors.
  • Mobilize a neighborhood carpool for child pick-up and drop-off.
  • Eligible students should ride the bus to school.
  • Identify neighborhood assets such as parking lots, bikes lanes or carpooling locations.

Drive Less
RFTA will offer free service from Parachute (on the Hogback route) to the 27th Street BRT Station. On this route, RFTA will exit at I-70 Exit 116, drop passengers off at the north end of the pedestrian bridge and have buses waiting to shuttle people to 27th Street from the AmTrak Station. Bike around town by using the Rio Grande or many other new biking trails.

Stay Informed