May 18, 2017 - Denver Metro Colorado/CDOT Region 1 - Motorists advised to limit travel, have adequate tires for snow, and truckers urged to heed chain laws

GOLDEN - CDOT crews are out in force treating and clearing state roads as the latest storm dumps heavy wet snow across the state.  The storm is moving from the western slope to the east with high accumulations in upper elevations.  

Some areas, such as west of Denver, the Northern Front Range and Monument Hill are expected to receive the brunt of the storm. CDOT is urging motorists to avoid travel particularly overnight in the Denver Metro area and along the I-70 and I-25 corridors. Safety closures of roadways can be expected if conditions warrant. If you must travel, make sure you have adequate tires to travel in snow and slush. Hydroplaning also could be a problem due to the water content in the snow.

Also, give yourself extra travel time and drive slowly and carefully on slick roads.

Should you be out, expect the unexpected with waves of snow squalls that could impact travel corridors with little warning.

Truckers are urged to heed snow chain requirements.  When chains are not used when requirement is in place, crashes are more likely to happen, resulting in delays and possibly secondary crashes.

Summary of road conditions:

Denver Metro area - Roadways are mostly wet and slushy, but will freeze as temperatures drop this evening around 7 pm. CDOT is applying de-icing materials on roadways, but pavements will be slick   

I-25 Monument Hill -  Mostly wet now, but unexpected snow squalls can come in because of the high elevation resulting in spin-outs and delays. CDOT is prepared to make safety closures if necessary.

Foothills -  Roads are slushy and conditions will become worse with wet heavy snow coming this evening.  .

Along the I-70 mountain corridor - While the road is mostly wet now, snow will be coming down about an inch an hour.  Driving conditions will be treacherous.

Moving into higher elevations into  Estes Park - There will be significant snow and compacted snow on the roads. Visibility will be challenging with wet heavy snow coming down.

Currently there are two closures:  US 6 to Loveland Pass and the WB C470 ramp to I-70.  There will be intermittent closures during the storm.

Before heading out, check out the latest road conditions by using the following info tools:

  • Call 511 anywhere in Colorado for periodically updated road conditions;

  • Visit

  • Sign up for GovDelivery alerts;

  • Go to – hosted by the I-70 Coalition – to see weekly I-70 travel forecasts based on historical data and how weather, construction or events may impact the mountain commute;

  • Follow CDOT on Twitter and Facebook (though the latter will not provide the most up-to-date news and conditions).