CO 145 Closure Set for Morning of May 9

CO 145 closure May 2017.png

MONTROSE COUNTY—From 2-4 a.m. on Tuesday, May 9, CDOT will close a 13-mile stretch of Colorado Highway (CO) 145 near Norwood as crews transport materials for the construction of the new Dolores River Bridge at Bedrock. This closure will begin at the CO 145 and CO 62 junction to just outside of Norwood, and will accommodate trucks transporting girders and other oversized precast concrete members.

Travel Impacts

The project team has planned to minimize traveling impact by ensuring trucks leave Montrose at midnight on Tuesday, May 9, and meeting Colorado State Patrol officers for the closure. When all trucks arrive, the CSP will close the road to allow safe passage of the truck convoy to Bedrock. Once the trucks have traveled CO 145 past Norwood Hill, the highway will be reopened. Trucks will continue onto Bedrock to their final destination.

About the Project

This project is on CO 90, about four miles east of Bedrock and 15 miles east of the Colorado-Utah state line. The new pre-cast concrete bridge is expected to be completed later this summer. The new bridge will provide several improvements for the driving public, including wider and higher clearance for oversized vehicles. The project cost, including design and construction, is estimated at $3.8 million. The construction contract was awarded to SEMA Construction.

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