Colorado Department of Transportation Reveals Winners of International RoadX Bicycle and Pedestrian Challenge

May 24, 2017 - Statewide Transportation Plan - Open challenge solicited technological solutions aimed at keeping bicyclists and pedestrians safe in Colorado


STATEWIDE – An arc of neon red to bathe bicyclists in light, radio frequency married with reactive road signs that will flash when bicyclists are present, and specially engineered solar panels with LED lights to illuminate paths – these are just a few of the RoadX Bicycle and Pedestrian Challenge winning ideas announced by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

Road X is Colorado’s bold vision and commitment to leading the nation in using innovative technology to improve the safety, mobility and efficiency of the transportation system. “Colorado collaborates with innovators and advisors to ensure technology informs our transportation system,” says Shailen Bhatt, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Transportation. “With our partners, we issued this open challenge to the public and private sectors to bring inventive ideas and solutions that drive advancement.”

The CDOT RoadX Bicycle and Pedestrian Challenge, in partnership with the Colorado Innovation Network (COIN)’s Imagine Colorado and Bicycle Colorado, asked entrepreneurs and ideators to come together to develop inventive technological solutions to protect bicyclists and pedestrians in Colorado. These two groups account for 12 percent of the road accident fatalities across the state each year.

Consisting of two tracks designed to solicit innovative ideas and actionable concepts, the RoadX Bicycle and Pedestrian Challenge received more than 300 submissions from around the world. Eight winners were selected based on specific challenge criteria related to feasibility, adoption and scalability.

Track One, Idea-thon: Groundbreaking technological ideas to improve bicycling and pedestrian safety.

Five winners receive a prize of $10,000 each:


Winner:                   Eando off we go, Denver, Colorado

Concept:                 Diffracted optic laser U-light

Description: Makes riders more visible using a neon red three-foot arc surrounding the bicycle


Winner:                   Ryan Ninness, Aurora, Colorado

Concept:                 Bicycle/Pedestrian Early Detection System (B.E.D.S.)

Description: Marries radio frequency ID technology with reactive road signage to alert drivers

at intersections: “Bicycles Present When Flashing”


Winner:                   David Whittingham, Boulder, Colorado
Concept:                 Do you see me?

Description:             Proposes obligatory web-based review of bicyclist and pedestrian information with visuals in the Colorado Driver Handbook


Winner:                   Wheat Ridge Cyclery, Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Concept:                 Smart Signage

Description:             Combines pedestrian and bicycle detection device with a smart sign to alert drivers; oscillating light illuminates presence of pedestrians or bicyclists


Winner:                   Corey Baughman, Denver, Colorado

Concept:                 Guardian Smart Road Beacon

Description:             Infrared sensor array detects people or animals on roadway; matching array of LED lights highlights them to drivers



Track Two, Do-athon: Unique and implementable ideas to improve bicycling and pedestrian safety.

Three winners receive a prize of $75,000 each to build proof of concept:

Winner:                   Fluidedge Innovation, Dublin, Ireland, Boulder, Colorado

Concept:                 Liberty Bell: The Smart Bicycle Bell

Description:             Collects important data to inform planning, design, auditing and maintenance of bike and multi-use paths

Winner:                   Tim Reinen, Denver, Colorado   

Concept:                  Big Foot

Description:             Increases the footprint and visibility of bikers with illuminated LED raised pavement markers along the side of the biker

Winner:                   Scott and Julie Brusaw, Sandpoint, Idaho

Concept:                 ColoRoadie Safety System

Description: Specially engineered solar panels illuminate paths and driving surfaces

“The push for innovation in bicycle and pedestrian safety won’t end here,” explains Peter Kozinski, RoadX Program Director, Colorado Department of Transportation. “The Track Two Do-athon winning team that deploys the best working technology over eight months will receive $150,000 to continue the program. The runner up will receive $50,000 and third place will receive $25,000.”

Anna Ewing, Executive Director, Colorado Innovation Network adds, “The tremendous response to the Challenge and the quality of the ideas submitted underscores the interest in, and motivation for, creating technology-drive safety solutions. We’re proud that Colorado is leading this charge.”

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