Bridge Repair Work Continues on I-70 Between Wolcott & Edwards

July 2, 2018 -

EAGLE COUNTY—CDOT and Lawrence Construction have been repairing the I-70 eastbound bridge that spans the Eagle River, US Highway 6, and the Union Pacific Railway line just west of Edwards. The project is located on I-70 between mile points 158.05 and 158.85.

The primary objective of the project is to perform preventative maintenance to the 705-foot long bridge deck and steel girders. Routine inspections and periodic maintenance are required for bridges. Keeping up on routine maintenance can extend a bridge service life up to 100 years.

The bridge maintenance includes repairing fatigue cracks on the steel girders. Fatigue cracks can occur after many cycles of vehicle loading and unloading on the bridge. Fatigue cracks are more likely to occur in steel bridges built between 1950 and 1985, but due to advances in design, bridges built after 1985 are less prone to cracking. This bridge was built in 1970 and is skewed to accommodate crossing US 6, the Eagle River, and the railroad which makes this structure more susceptible to fatigue cracks. Although the scale of the current fatigue cracks are minor, it is important to identify fatigue cracks early and provide upgrades to the bridge before the structural integrity becomes compromised.

In order to repair fatigue cracks in the metal, no vibrations can take place on the bridge; thus, traffic has been removed via a detour cross-over configuration for the duration of the repair. The cross-over configuration is also in place in order to improve work quality and project safety, reducing the overall project duration and impact to the traveling public. There are two additional bridges along the I-70 corridor that are also being repaired in this manner, the Colorado River Bridge near Rifle and the De Beque Overflow bridge on the east end of De Beque Canyon.

Additional construction activities include concrete bridge deck repairs, replacement of bridge expansion joints, replacement of asphalt pavement and waterproofing membrane, and replacement of bridge rail and roadside guardrail. All work is scheduled to be complete Fall of 2018.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the project information line or email:

Project Hotline: 970-340-4333




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