Nolan Olson Memorial Procession to take place Friday

March 1, 2018 - Southwestern Colorado/CDOT Region 5/Statewide News - Observation points and approximate arrival times announced  

STATEWIDE ― The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) reminds the traveling public that a memorial procession will take place this Friday, March 2. Representatives of the CDOT agency will be carrying the remains of fallen employee Nolan Olson to southwest Colorado. The expected departure time from Denver is 8:00 a.m. The six-hour, 276-mile trek will take the escort team across the state via US Highway 285, then along US 160 over Wolf Creek Pass and into Mr. Olson’s hometown and final resting place of Pagosa Springs.

Fellow CDOT employees will pay their respects as the transport vehicle makes its way south across the state. Maintenance patrols will line their vehicles and equipment at various observation points along the route as an opportunity to bid farewell to their fallen co-worker.

CDOT informs the public that brief traffic delays may occur at highway intersections along the statewide procession route. CDOT urges the public to use caution when the memorial motorcade passes, especially if members of the public wish to pay their respects outside of their vehicles or places of business.

The following procession arrival times are approximate.  







8:00 AM


Westbound C-470 @ Bowles to Quincy on right shoulder

8:10 AM


Southbound US 285 from C-470 on wide right shoulder

9:00 AM


US 285 @ MP 203 Top of Kenosha Pass

9:20 AM


US 285 @ MP 183.5 Fairplay

9:35 AM


US 285 @ MP 166

9:40 AM


US 285 @ MP 162 Anterio Jct. / Trout Creek Pass

9:55 AM


US 285 & US 24 @ MP Johnson Village

10:45 AM


US 285 & US 50 Junction Poncha Springs (Poncha Ave.)

11:10 AM


US 285 @ MP 105 Villa Grove

11:30 AM


US 285 @ MP 86 Saguache

11:50 AM


US 285 & CO 112 Jct. @ MP 63 Center

12:00 PM


US 160 @ MP 202 Del Norte

1:00 PM


South Fork - Procession over US 160 Wolf Creek Pass

1:30 PM


US 160 @ MP 158 Treasure Falls Chain Up Station

1:45 PM




US 160 & US 84 Jct.  - US Flag displayed


US 160 Main St. & Hot Springs Blvd. / Hermosa St. / 4th St.


US 160 Main St. & Lewis St. / 4th St.

US 160 San Juan St. & 8th St.

2:00 PM

Final Destination

Pagosa Mtnc Yard (451 N 14th St.)

At South Fork, a formal procession will be initiated with local southwest and south-central Colorado CDOT Region 5 employees, driving their trucks and equipment for the final 42 miles of the journey, over US 160 Wolf Creek Pass. For the safety of procession participants and the traveling public, motorists driving westbound from South Fork to Pagosa Springs between 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. should be aware that passing the motorcade procession will not be possible.

Mr. Olson’s step-daughter, Archuleta County Undersheriff Tonya Hamilton, along with other family members will await the procession on the west side of the pass near Treasure Falls and will then lead the final leg of the procession into Pagosa Springs. The American flag will be displayed with bucket boom trucks at the east side of Pagosa Springs near the junction of US 160 and US 84 as the procession makes its way into town. (Note: This is a change in plans from displaying the flag at the summit of Wolf Creek Pass as was previously announced.)

Following immediately behind the sheriff’s vehicle will be snowplow #4476, the vehicle which was driven by Mr. Olson while serving the public for 14 years on Maintenance Patrol 7. Local emergency response personnel with the local police, sheriff, fire and state patrol are also expected to join in the procession.  Community members may pay their respects as the memorial procession makes its way through the town of Pagosa Springs.

Once the procession reaches the final destination at the Maintenance Patrol 7 yard, Mr. Olson’s remains will rest there overnight. Several members of the CDOT maintenance team will serve as an “honor guard” to keep watch over Mr. Olson throughout the night.

The following day (Saturday) Mr. Olson’s remains will be transported to a “celebration of life” set for 11:00 a.m. at the Ross Aragon Community Center of Pagosa Springs, located at 451 Hot Springs Blvd. Parking at the community center is limited, so attendees are strongly encouraged to carpool to the memorial service.