Safety Improvements to Begin on US 160 Wolf Creek Pass

May 31, 2018 - Southwestern Colorado/CDOT Region 5 - Scenic overlook will be fully closed through project’s completion in September 2018

MINERAL COUNTY - The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and contractor Structures, Inc., will begin a project next week on Monday, June 4, to upgrade safety barrier, signage and striping on a section of US 160 over Wolf Creek Pass. The various work areas lie between mile point (MP) 158, near the Treasure Falls parking area, and MP 173, about five miles east of the ski area.

Work items include the following:

  • Additional concrete safety barrier at the entrance to the scenic overlook


  • New static sign - “STEEP GRADES 3 MILES AHEAD” (MP 169.35)

  • Re-setting existing static overhead sign - “STEEP GRADE, WINDING ROAD NEXT 9 MILES” (MP 166.88)

  • New overhead diagrammatic signs - showing a hairpin curve and “YOU ARE HERE” (there will be two of these, at MP 166.67 and MP 163, as motorists approach the curve)

  • Additional signage above two existing truck ramp signs - “RUNAWAY TRUCK RAMP” will be installed; these additional signs will be dynamic LED signs that flash "USE TRUCK RAMP” if a truck is going too fast (MP 161.21 and MP 160.88)

  • New striping from Treasure Falls to the summit of Wolf Creek Pass (MP 158 to 166.5)

  • New asphalt overlay in the vicinity of the scenic overlook/hairpin curve

This safety-improvement project, scheduled for completion by late September 2018, was contracted to Structures, Inc., for $1.66 million.

TRAVEL IMPACTS: Through the project’s completion, motorists will encounter the following travel impacts:

  • A full closure of the scenic overlook (temporary barrier will be in place 24/7); there will be no parking or stopping anywhere in the surrounding area

  • Narrow travel lanes, a traffic shift and a speed limit reduction 24/7

  • A 12-foot width restriction at all times

  • During work hours, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., motorists may be stopped periodically at either end of the work zone, when necessary for worker and traveler safety

Please avoid distractions as you travel through the work zone and go “Slow for the Cone Zone!”

STAY CONNECTED:  Those with questions or comments regarding the work can call the project information line at (719) 480-1530 or email the project team at [email protected].

The scenic overlook on the west side of Wolf Creek Pass will remain closed

through the project’s completion in September 2018.