CDOT to begin I-25/I-70 and I-25/I-76 interchange bridge repairs

April 12, 2019 - Crews will perform bridge deck, joint and rail repairs, and add a concrete overlay

DENVER – The Colorado Department of Transportation and contractor, ABCO Contracting, will begin repairing 12 bridges at the I-25/I-76 and I-25/I-70 interchanges in April.This repair project is designed to improve the structural integrity of the bridges at two of the state’s busiest interstate interchanges, maximize driver safety, and upgrade the city’s infrastructure to support economic growth.        

This project provides critical rehabilitation to most cost effectively prevent 111,000 square feet of bridge from becoming structurally deficient.


The project entails making limited bridge deck repairs, applying a concrete overlay for added strength and stability, removing and replacing expansion joints, sawing and sealing bridge joints, repairing damaged bridge rails, and cleaning bridge drains. Other work includes making repairs to on/off-ramps at Washington Street.


Repairs will be performed on twelve structures at various site locations from MP 005.62 to MP 274.011 on I-25 and I-76 (see table and map* below), and at one location on I-25 and I-70 in Adams and Denver County.


Construction to connect I-76 with I-25 began in late 1987. I-76 between I-25 and I-70 was built in conjunction with the reconstruction of the Mousetrap (I-25/I-70 interchange) from 1987 to 1993. Various segments, bridges, and improvements to the interchanges’ capacity and structure have been made since then to support population growth in the metro area. Bridge deck replacement and structural repair projects such as this one are vital to the metro area’s economic growth and safety of the traveling public.  


Work is scheduled to begin in mid-April, and completion is scheduled for October 2019. Work will be performed at night from 7:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Sunday through Thursday.


CDOT has intentionally scheduled this bridge repair work to be performed at night to minimize travel impacts to the public. Some delays should be expected, as well as the following:

  • Full lane closures with detours will be in effect for bridges 5, 6, and 10 through 12 reopening by 5:30 a.m.

  • Speed limits may be decreased through the work zone.

  • Detour signage will be posted to safely guide motorists through the construction zone throughout the duration of the project.

  • On and off-ramp lane closures, including shoulder closures are expected.

  • Width restrictions of 12 feet will be imposed.

  • Signs and automated signals will redirect traffic during construction activities.

  • Lane closures and other traffic notices will be posted a week in advance on

  • The public may call the project hotline at720.220.1398for information or to report access issues.


Get direct email announcements and updates by signing up at[email protected]. For additional information about this project, call the local project information line at 720.220.1398, or visit the project website at information on any lane closures, please, or call 511. Updates are also available via Twitter @coloradodotand CDOT’s Facebook page



CDOT has approximately 3,000 employees located at its Denver headquarters and in regional offices throughout Colorado and manages more than 23,000 lane miles of highway and 3,429 bridges. CDOT also manages grant partnerships with a range of other agencies, including metropolitan planning organizations, local governments, and airports, and administers Bustang, the state-owned and operated interregional express service.  Governor Polis has charged CDOT to further build on the state’s intermodal mobility options.


Table and map*