Southwest CDOT Update

Monday, March 5, 10:16 a.m.

US 550 Red Mountain Pass will remain closed for an undetermined amount of time due to the significant snow triggered on South Red Mountain. More than a half mile of snow slabs, 10 to 30 ft. deep in some areas, have fallen onto the highway. The snow slide includes an extensive amount of debris, limbs, trees. Extra equipment is needed and has been called in from others areas to clear the highway. 

CDOT emphasizes there is no estimated time of opening Red Mountain Pass at this time.  


US 550 Coal Bank/Molas is OPEN. 

US 160 Wolf Creek Pass is OPEN. 

CO 145 Lizard Head Pass is OPEN. 

Motorists should continue to watch for snow removal operations, especially on the shoulders of these high mountain highways. 

Travelers should also watch for rocks in the road and be aware of potential rock fall. Increased rock fall activity is occurring along cliff wall areas due to spring conditions and freeze-thaw cycles.