DENVER AND I-25 SOUTH GAP COMMUTERS: CDOT urges you to stay home or get off the roads this afternoon

October 29, 2019 - Road conditions will become very treacherous with the brunt of the storm hitting rush hour; State offices in Metro Denver to close 2:30 pm due to the storm 

If you are home today, stay there!  If you need to travel, plan to be off the roads this afternoon.  Road conditions in the Denver Metro region will continue to deteriorate as up to ten inches to a foot of snow is expected this afternoon and evening. 

CDOT greatly appreciates motorists who have heeded our warnings to limit travel if they can.  This has helped to reduce crashes and keep roads open. 


  • State offices in Denver and surrounding suburban counties will close 2:30 pm.

  • Leave early from work this afternoon to avoid the brunt of the storm expected to hit later today.

  • Do not attempt to drive on roads unless your vehicle is properly equipped for the winter weather with the appropriate tires.  Snow tires with at least 3/16 inch tread are best. 

  • If you must be out, DRIVE SLOWLY, leave a safe distance behind the vehicle ahead.

  • Do not pass plows.

  • CDOT crews are out in force and working shifts around the clock.  100 plows in the Denver Metro area are out making multiple passes on interstates and major routes.  They will not focus on secondary routes until the storm dies down.

  • Even with plowing, roads will be icy and snow packed.

  • Know before you go and check out to monitor the latest road conditions.


Motorists should avoid the brunt of the storm with seven to 11 inches of snow anticipated this evening.  The speed limit is 45 miles per hour. Depending on weather conditions, CDOT will close the road to maintain safety for the traveling public. 


Safety closures are likely.  Motorists and truckers must be winter ready and prepared for the chain and passenger traction laws along the corridor.  Trucks must have chains and passenger vehicles must have either snow tires, snow-mud tires or chains. 4WD AND AWD vehicles must either have snow tires or all weather tires with good tread (3/16” inch).  Eight to 12 inches of snow is anticipated on the corridor from Golden to the Eisenhower Johnson Memorial Tunnel. Seven to 11 inches expected for Vail Pass. 


This afternoon and evening will bring substantial snowfall to areas from Estes Park and Boulder to Denver as well as communities to the east. Winds out east will add to the difficulties on the plains from Denver out to the Kansas and Nebraska borders. Plan ahead for this storm. Winds and snow are never a good combination on the plains which could lead to drifting snow and icy roads. 

Please pay attention to for the latest in road closures, as storms like this tend to close multiple locations along the eastern plains.