Storm with statewide impacts on its way

October 26, 2019 - Metro Denver, Colorado - CDOT urges motorists to avoid travel in impacted areas especially the I-70 Mountain Corridor and I-25 between Monument  and Castle Rock 

COLORADO- Icy conditions and heavy snow are expected to impact much of the state beginning late tonight beginning with freezing rain and transitioning to heavy snow by Sunday afternoon, making the Monday morning commute along the Front Range and the Denver Metro area a challenge.  This is expected to be long-lasting storm with impacts through Monday. 

Motorists are urged to avoid driving during the storm particularly on the I-70 Mountain Corridor and I-25 between Monument and Castle Rock. If you have to be out - take it slow, stay safely behind the vehicle ahead, don’t pass plows and make sure your vehicle is equipped for the weather, including the appropriate tires for snow. 

If you travel on the I-25 corridor between Monument and Castle Rock, CDOT highly urges that you avoid this area come early Monday morning or delay your commute until later in the day.  THERE WILL BE IMPACTS. The speed limit on this stretch will be reduced to 45 miles per hour beginning noon Sunday as the storm begins to hit. 

CDOT crews have pretreated roads and will be out in force throughout the storm.

Here is a breakdown of the anticipated impacts:


The forecast calls for freezing drizzle mixed with snow late tonight through Sunday morning, then  changing mainly to snow Sunday afternoon, lasting through Monday afternoon. Five to ten inches of snow is anticipated, with the heaviest impacts on Monday morning.  CDOT crews pretreated the roadway to help reduce the ice and snow from sticking to the pavement and they will be treating and plowing the interstate throughout the storm.  Road conditions will be slick and emergency closures are likely depending on the severity of the conditions for the safety of motorists. The speed limit will be lowered to 45 miles per hour to slow traffic down during the storm. Avoid driving through this area if you can on Monday morning.  


Freezing rain is expected overnight and tomorrow morning, which makes for slick driving conditions.  The freezing rain is expected to turn to snow late Sunday through Monday morning. Commuters should plan ahead, give yourself extra time to reach your destination, slow down and don’t follow too closely.  CDOT crews have pretreated major roads and will be fully deployed around the clock throughout the storm. 


Snow will be heaviest late Sunday night into Monday morning. Icy, snow packed roads are expected with hazardous driving conditions for the Monday morning commute. The storm is expected to have impacts along the I-25 corridor including the Palmer Divide, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, as well as south to the New Mexico Border. Southeastern Colorado, east of I-25, will see icy roadways beginning on Monday. Be prepared for winter driving and have adequate traction to meet the new laws.


Saturday will have drizzle and light snow until Sunday afternoon when the heavier snow will begin, with snow continuing through the night and affecting the Monday morning commute.

Roadways Monday could be icy and snow packed. Winds Sunday and Monday could add to the harsh conditions. Be safe. Take extra time getting to work and make sure you have good tires.


Heavy snow is expected along the I-70 Mountain Corridor, especially in the higher elevations. Travel may be difficult. Expect hazardous, winter driving conditions. This includes icy roads, snow packed roads and poor visibility. 


Snowfall may impact travel along the high mountain corridors. Slow down and use caution when driving over mountain passes. 


A winter weather advisory is in effect, with heavy snow accumulations in the high country. This will impact travel on higher mountain passes. Use caution and check on restrictions before heading out. 


  • CDOT highly encourages avoiding travel on the I-70 Mountain Corridor and on I-25 from Castle Rock to Monument, also known as the Gap project, during the storm.  Avoid traveling through the Gap during the Monday morning commute and delay travels until the worst of the storm has passed by noon or later on Monday.  

  • CDOT plows will be out in full force along the major corridors. Do not pass the snow plows.

  • Watch for freezing rain overnight Saturday and Sunday morning.  While the road may appear clear, pavement will be slick, particularly on bridges and overpasses. 

  •  Go slow. Please do not speed.

  • Make sure you are equipped for the weather and have appropriate tires. 

  • Leave plenty of space behind the vehicle in front of you.


  • It's critical for all drivers to be winter ready - that means having snow tires or all weather tires with 3/16 inch tread.

  • The traction law requires ALL passenger vehicles - including 4WD and AWD - to have appropriate tires for the snow.  They either must have one of the following: snow tires, tires with the mud/snow (M+S) designation, or chains or alternative traction devices such as an autosock.  4WD or AWD can have all weather tires with 3/16 inch tread, but other vehicles must have either snow tires or chains. 

  • Tractor trailers and commercial motor vehicles must carry chains and put the chains on their tires when the chain law is in effect.

  • The weather on many of our corridors particularly the I-70 Mountain Corridor, I-25 Monument Hill south of Castle Rock - and our mountain passes can change dramatically on a dime...from mild weather to a poor visibility snow storm.  You have to be ready for this - and critical to that is having the right tires in addition to making sure your vehicle is winter ready.