Toll rates to be set for I-25 North Express Lanes between 120th Avenue and E-470/Northwest Parkway

News Release

March 4, 2020 - Denver Metro Area, Colorado - Learn more about the completed project and proposed toll rates during a telephone town hall on March 5.

DENVER - The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) will host a telephone town hall to discuss the newly completed I-25 North Express Lanes project between 120th Avenue and E-470/Northwest Parkway and the proposed toll rates for the new Express Lanes.  They opened for testing in February. Motorists are using the Express Lanes for free until tolling starts in late spring.

Telephone Town Hall information for motorists who want to learn more about the project and proposed toll rates:

When: Thursday, March 5, 6:30  - 7:30 p.m.

How to participate: CDOT will call residents in the north Denver metro area. If you do not receive a call or would like to participate, dial 855-710-6230.

About the project and its benefits

The project added one Express Lane in each direction of I-25 from 120th Avenue to just south of E-470. Other improvements include:

  • Installing an auxiliary lane along northbound I-25 to connect the 136th Avenue on-ramp to the 144th Avenue off-ramp; 

  • Resurfacing the roadway, which improves driving conditions;

  • Adding new safety components such as geometric adjustments resulting in better roadway drainage, glare screen concrete median barrier and new lighting; and,

  • Improving technology and operations at ramps through traffic metering devices.

When tolling begins in late spring, motorists will have a choice of taking the general purpose lanes for free or drive the Express Lanes for a faster and reliable travel time in exchange for a toll.  Carpoolers (three or more people) will be able to use the Express Lanes for free.

Toll revenues will be used primarily to help pay for the cost of construction, operations and maintenance. 

Proposed toll rates for the new Express Lanes

  • General purpose lanes will always be free.  Tolls apply only to Express Lanes.

  • One toll will be charged for the entire section of Express Lanes between 120th Avenue and E-470, no matter where the driver enters or exits.

  • Rates will vary depending on travel times, with the highest rates during the busiest travel times. 

  • Proposed toll rates will range from $1.05 to $1.75, depending on time of day,  with an ExpressToll pass. 

  • Vehicles with three or more people will be able to ride the Express Lanes for free as long as they have an ExpressToll Pass that switches to the HOV mode.  The Express Lanes will be free to motorcycles as well. 

How will tolls be collected

  • Tolls will be collected electronically.  It’s best to have an ExpressToll pass that is used on all toll facilities in Colorado.  If you plan to carpool, you should get an ExpressToll pass that switches to the HOV mode so you can ride the Express Lanes for free as long as there are three or more people in the vehicle. An ExpressToll pass is the most cost effective way to pay tolls.  For those Express Lane users who do not have an ExpressToll pass, cameras will read their license plate and they will be billed for tolls. License plate tolling could be up to 40% higher due to administrative costs of processing billing.

Additionally, the HPTE Board received a staff recommendation to increase the toll rate by a nickel to 15 cents (depending on the travel time) along the I-25 North Express Lanes from US 36 to 120th Avenue. The toll rate adjustment is to account for increased operations and maintenance costs.

“Express Lanes are there, when you need them,” said Nick Farber, HPTE Director. “Drivers are never forced to pay a toll. They can always choose to use the free general purpose lanes, or carpoolers with three or more people can use the Express Lanes for free. We have found that Express Lanes improve travel times across all lanes. HPTE’s mission is to make Coloradans’ commutes better, and Express Lanes bring congestion relief to our busiest corridors and offer drivers a choice of a quicker, more reliable trip.”

The HPTE Board will take action on the proposed toll rates and the toll rate adjustment during their board meeting on March 18th. If approved, the new rates for both segments of I-25 North Express Lanes will go into effect this spring.

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About the High Performance Transportation Enterprise 

The HPTE operates as a government-owned, independent business within CDOT. It searches out innovative ways to finance projects to help Colorado fulfill its commitment to increase travel choices through options that include Express Lanes, transit, biking, walking and carpooling. For more information, visit 


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