I-70 Glenwood Canyon Update: Wednesday, August 25

Travel Advisory

August 25, 2021 - Northwestern Colorado

I-70 Glenwood Dirt Work  I-70 Glenwood Bags

Maintenance Update:

CDOT had another safe and productive day on Tuesday with no accidents or injuries reported. The weather cooperated with zero precipitation. Crews hauled 110 loads out of the canyon to dump sites at the 133 Dotsero and our newest site in Silt.  

Local crews worked at mile point 120.7 EB pulling mud and debris from behind the wall on the northside of the interstate hauling out 57 loads. They also worked on servicing  equipment, and getting our borrowed equipment shipped back to our sister regions. Crews also hauled the remaining super sacks from the pit on CO 82 to a storage location at No Name. 

The east end continued cleaning at 128.7 WB  and built some energy-absorbing ponds ahead of the inlet located there in an attempt to slow any future flow in that area. Tuesday's efforts hauled out 53 loads. 

A full power outage occurred at Hanging Lake Tunnel on Tuesday morning. Holy Cross and Xcel had to run on the backup generator at HLT.  The power was restored without incident. 

The contractor started setting the permanent concrete barrier EB at 123.5, and will set WB today. CDOT crews will spend today and tomorrow picking up and hauling the Triton Barrier out of the canyon. CDOT maintenance crews will start demobbing as the emergency project contractor, Lawrence Construction,  takes over more of the clean up responsibilities in the canyon.

Engineering Update: 

Lawrence Construction located the Blue Gulch culvert inlet on the northside of I-70. The intact portion was approximately 6’ below ground level and completely packed full of debris.

Lawrence proceeded with plastic barrier removal and replacement with their own barrier.

FHWA Emergency Response coordinator conducted his site visit with the Glenwood Springs Resident Engineer.

The FHWA Geotech and Debris Flow subject matter experts conducted a site visit and discussed potential mitigation with the CDOT Resident Engineer, Geohazards Engineer and Hydraulics Engineer.

Flash Flood Watch I-70 Protocol

Maintenance crews will be stationed at the two closure points along I-70 at mile point 133 (Dotsero) and MP 116 (Glenwood Springs). This allows for a quick closure of the interstate if weather worsens. There will be a single lane closure on eastbound I-70 at MP 116 which, again, allows the opportunity to quickly close the interstate as soon as a Flash Flood Warning is issued.

Flash Flood Warning I-70 Protocol

In the event that a Flash Flood Warning is issued, maintenance crews at the two closure points will close the interstate. The Colorado State Patrol will sweep the area to ensure there are no motorists or members of the public in the area. Crews will continue to monitor the mudslide area. Motorists should be prepared for an extended closure should there be another mud slide or slide materials blocking the roadway that will need to be cleared before reopening. Safety is CDOT’s and CSP’s number one priority and the agencies will not reopen the interstate until it is safe to do so.

In the Event of an I-70 Closure

Digital message boards will display the closure points and the recommended detour. The detour will be the same as when the canyon originally closed. CDOT will post messaging on both Facebook and Twitter and will send information to stakeholders if we anticipate an extended closure. Motorists are encouraged to check COtrip.org and the weather forecast before driving through the canyon.