Revenue & Expenditures

The Colorado General Assembly requires CDOT to create and maintain a searchable revenue and expenditure online database. Research revenues, expenditures or payroll.

Revenues, Expenditures & Payroll

Performance Plan & Strategic Goals

CDOT's Performance Plan contains our top priorities for the current fiscal year. Explore performance plans and progress made in achieving this year’s strategic goals.

Performance Plans

Statewide Plan Goals & Objectives

CDOT has a Statewide Transportation Plan to guide investment for Colorado’s transportation system. Explore these long term goals and current conditions.

Goals & Metric Dashboards

National Performance Metrics 

CDOT reports a number of performance data related to safety, infrastructure condition, and system performance as required under the FAST Act. Explore this data and current conditions.

NPM Performance Data

Project Accountability

CDOT's Accountability Dashboard presents a transparent view into the Department's Senate Bill 17-267 project portfolio through public reporting on project management and project costs.

Accountability Dashboard

CDOT Projects

Learn about CDOT projects throughout Colorado, including financial facts, expected construction dates, and locations.

Current CDOT Projects

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