Adopt-a-Highway Policies

Spruce Up Colorado Adopt A Highway Program Policies

  1. The Colorado Department of Transportation has the sole responsibility in determining whether an application is accepted or rejected, and whether a highway will or will not be available for adoption.

  2. If the application is approved, the representative shall execute a written agreement with the Colorado Department of Transportation. The participating group members shall abide by all rules and safety requirements of the program.

  3. All participating group members will have attended a safety meeting in which all members will have viewed the Spruce Up Colorado Volunteer Safety video and the Meth Lab Waste Recognition video prior to any planned pick-ups. It is the responsibility of the group coordinator to arrange for such a meeting.

    Potential dangers involved while participating in this program on state highways can include, but are not limited to: high speed traffic; potentially noxious plants; broken glass; hazardous materials; sharp metal; and potentially harmful wildlife, such as snakes and skunks.
  4. The participating group agrees to restrict program activities to the area of right-of-way off the traveled portion of the roadway.
  5. The group will notify its assigned CDOT contact(s) within 30 days prior to a planned pickup so that trash may be removed by CDOT in a timely manner.
  6. While performing activities on the right-of-way, the method, manner and appearance of the participants will not in any way distract, disrupt or adversely affect traffic. Participants may not display messages, carry banners, or advertise their business affiliation or cause.
  7. CDOT prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol, or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while performing work or litter pick up on a state highway right-of-way.
  8. The group shall provide one adult supervisor for every eight (8) participants between 13-17 years of age, and one adult supervisor to every four participants between 10-12 years of age. No one under the age of 10 will be allowed to participate. The state reserves the right to request the names and legal addresses of all participating members of the group.
  9. Program activities will be between the hours of one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset, and not during inclement weather.
  10. The Colorado Department of Transportation:
    • Determines the specific section of right-of-way to be adopted.
    • Installs and maintains signs* (if desired by the group).
    • Provides group members with trash bags and orange safety vests.
    • Removes and disposes of filled trash bags.
    • Provides the Spruce Up Colorado Volunteer Safety and Meth Lab Waste Recognition videos to the group coordinator via the web.
    • Reserves the right to cancel any agreement due to failure to meet provisions of the program, or for safety reasons.

*CDOT will provide recognition signs at each end of a group's adopted segment. CDOT will replace signs only once if due to theft or vandalism.

Download the Adopt-a-Highway Policies (PDF).