Technical Report


THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF BICYCLING IN COLORADO 1. Bicycle-Related Manufacturing in Colorado a. Survey Results 2. Retail Sales of Bicycles and Accessories in Colorado a. Bicycle Specialty Shops b. Retail Sales of Bicycles from Other Retail Outlets 3. Bicycle Related Tourism a. The Economic Impact of Bicycling in Colorado Ski Resorts b. Bicycle-Related Vacation Spending by Colorado Residents c. Bicycle Tours in Colorado 4. Bicycle Races and Events in Colorado a. Road and Track Racing b. Off-Road Events c. Charity and Public Rides 5. Cost of Bicycle Accidents 6. Preferences Regarding Bicycling a. Preferred Surfaces for Bicycling b. Satisfaction with Bicycling in Colorado c. Preferences Regarding Bicycle-Related Public Expenditures


HOUSEHOLD SURVEY RESULTS. Commuting to Work. School Travel. Utility Trips. Transportation of Young Children.

Recreational Bicycling

HOUSEHOLD SURVEY RESULTS. Recreational and Exercise Trips. Bicycle Related Vacations.

Appendix I

HOUSEHOLD SURVEY RESULTS. Sample Selection. Sample Weights and Household Characteristics.

Appendix II

HOUSEHOLD SURVEY RESULTS. Household Survey Instrument.