Colorado Bicycle-Friendly Motorist


CDOT's Colorado Bicycle-Friendly Motorist class helps motorists understand the nature of bicycle/motor vehicle crashes and how to prevent them. By teaching preventative behaviors to motorists, we hope to contribute to a reduction in the total number of bicycle-related crashes and keep all road users safe.

Bicycle Friendly Motorist

Colorado Bicycle-Friendly motorists learn:

  • the most common bicycle/motor vehicle crashes and how to avoid them;
  • the laws and regulations related to bicycling, and sharing the road with people on bicycles;
  • how bicycle infrastructure is designed to function; and
  • how all people matter no matter their mode of travel on Colorado's roadways.

The Colorado Bicycle-Friendly Motorist course is a 90-minute interactive class, taught by instructors to educate motorists (CDOT maintenance personnel, as well as, other state and local government employees).

"Sharing the road begins with understanding that bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists."
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website
"I wanted to also thank you for setting this training up. I really enjoyed it and learned a great deal of knowledge.
"Very Respectfully, Tawanna Sellars, Loss Control & Safety Specialist, Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA)"
"I really enjoyed the class, and immediately saw how the class would be great for everyone. I have discussed the class with a few other agencies to see if it was something they would have interest in, and the results have been positive. I am hoping there is a way we can work together and possibly get the class offered to other agencies."
Dawn Keeler, DPA

Upon successful completion of the class, participants will receive a Colorado Bicycle-Friendly Motorist certificate and sticker, which can be displayed on their vehicle.

Colorado Bicycle-Friendly Motorist is administered by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

Learn more online, or by contacting Lenore Bates, 303-757-9786.

Thanks to Fort Collins Bicycle Friendly Driver Training, which provided the initial foundation for this information.