2023 Summer Bike to Work Day

2023 Bike to Work Day Graphic

2023 Summer Bike to Work Day | Wednesday, June 28, 2022

While Colorado is excited to celebrate Bike Month every June, the highlight of the activities is Bike to Work Day on June 28, when employees leave their cars at home and enjoy bicycling to work. The annual free event draws tens of thousands of Colorado commuters who celebrate the day by swapping a ride in their cars for a ride on two wheels. Participating helps improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce traffic congestion. Plus, it’s fun! Studies have shown that people who commute by bike have the happiest commutes of all. Kick off your workday feeling energized, de-stressed and refreshed.

Registration for the June Bike to Work Day event opens on April 17. Visit BikeToWorkDay.co or click the link below on the left for information on how to join. DRCOG also provides FREE promotional materials for businesses and station organizers at biketoworkday.co/materials.

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