Colorado Bike Month

June is Bike Month. Get ready for 2019 Bike to Work Day, Wednesday, June 26.

Colorado is a premier bicycling state. To celebrate bicycling for transportation, fun and health, Colorado has designated each June as Bike Month. At the same time, Colorado joins a nationwide effort to encourage cycling novices and enthusiasts to experience the fun and freedom of safely riding a bike to work, school, errands and recreation.

While there will be many events around the state throughout the month, the highlight of the month is Bike to Work Day when employees leave their cars at home and enjoy bicycling to work. The number of Bike to Work Day participants has risen steadily since 1995, and due to the popularity of bicycling in Colorado that trend is expected to continue this year.

Learn more about the benefits of bicycling to work, school and errands.

To help you encourage and promote safe bicycling to co-workers, friends, and family, the Colorado Department of Transportation's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program provides free materials for your use. The menu on this page provides two links to order forms with complete lists of all available materials. The form includes instructions on how to return it to CDOT once you have filled in your requests.

Regions and counties that are not included in local Bike to Work activities can get involved with the Advocacy Challenge through the National Bike Challenge (May to September 2019).

The Advocacy Challenge is a localized challenge within the national challenge. Advocacy organizations can sign up to host a territory based on county lines. Participants are automatically placed in an advocacy challenge when they sign up and enter their zip codes. Learn more about the challenge, and check out scheduled Bike to Work Day events.

2019 Bike to Work Artwork

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