Walk & Bike to School Colorado!

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) encourages schools across Colorado to participate in Walk to School Day (in October) and Bike to School Day (in May) each year. Walk and Bike to School Days are great opportunities to galvanize visibility for walking and bicycling to and from school. They are wonderful times to get kids out practicing their skills and safety rules and for parents and caregivers to experience how safe and fun it is for their child(ren) to walk and bike to and from school.

October is Colorado Pedestrian Month, making any day in 'Walktober' a great choice for promoting walking and walkability. There is always an internationally promoted date, typically the first Wednesday in October. 

May is National Bike Month (although Colorado celebrates it in June) and a great way for kids to end the year and head off to a summer of bicycling fun!

This year, Walk to School Day celebrations will look different as school plans continue to evolve. Find helpful information on how your family, school, and community can continue to make the most of travel by foot and on two wheels at You can also find ideas and resources on our Covid Resouces page. We will continue to update this as we learn of new ideas and initiatives. 

Walktober 2020 Poster Contest!

October is Colorado Pedestrian Month, and what a beautiful time to get out and enjoy Colorado’s natural beauty on foot. In celebration of 'Walktober', we’d like to invite all students, preschool through grade eight, to participate in a state-wide poster contest.

What makes walking special to you right now? Showcase what you and your family enjoy most on foot. Or, show us what you would like your Future in Motion in Colorado to look like! Where will you go? What might you explore? To get started, print out the Walktober Poster Contest template from our website. Email your entry to [email protected] anytime before Friday, October 23. Winning submissions will be shared in a special newsletter and featured on our website.

Walk to School Day 2020

Walk to School Day is officially Wednesday, October 7th! Since 1997, communities have been gathering the first Wednesday in October to celebrate the many benefits of walking safely to and from school. Due to the global health pandemic, a wide range of evolving approaches to school this year means the day will be marked differently throughout the state and nation. In recognition of varying circumstances, has opened up Walk to School Day registration to individuals and families as well as to schools! Moreover, communities are invited to celebrate any day in October that works best for their schedules and fits with local public health guidance.

Given the uncertain circumstances around school schedules, we will not be distributing Walk to School Day materials. However, we encourage participation in Walk to School Day and month in ways that work for you. Let's all make the most of getting out and walking throughout Walktober! Wherever we are, whatever the circumstances, walking takes us places! We grow as we go--building health and healthy habits as we discover the world around us on foot. Here are a few fun ideas to promote physical activity and road safety while enjoying the benefits of walking:

*Invite all students to report on their mileage, on Walk to School Day, on a day of your choosing, or throughout the month of October. Tally up mileage and share the total walked by whatever groupings you choose--class, activity, or school.

*Walk as families or small groups and talk about pedestrian safety. Practice rules of the road as you go. For schools in session, use paint or chalk to create traffic gardens. A traffic garden, also known as a traffic playground, is a network of connected streets with traffic features that is free of motorized vehicles. Traffic gardens are great opportunities for students to actively learn about and practice safety skills. Visit for great resources promoting bicycle and pedestrian safety, including activity pages, themed challenges, and the Safe Travels video series focused on bicycle and pedestrian safety.

*Teachers and community leaders, consider recording a video of yourselves walking, in your neighborhood, to or around school, to share with students. Your role modeling makes a big impact!

*Invite families to share pictures of their own walks, whether to school or around the neighborhood, on social media with a chosen hashtag or within a select group or forum.

*Encourage students to think about and express the joys of walking by participating in our Walktober Poster contest!


Register for Walk to School Day at today! There you will find many more ideas and tips for promoting healthy activity and safe routes to school. Be sure to check out our CSRTS Covid Resources page for an ongoing compilation of ideas as well!

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