Grant Application

Our CSRTS Application Window is Opening Soon!

We are looking forward to our next round of funding and anticipate opening applications beginning Monday, August 10 through early November 2020.

What You Can Do Today

We want to make sure you have all the information your organization needs to apply for funding. We are rooting for your success! If you are interested in pursuing this upcoming opportunity, here are five simple steps to take before applying:

1. Determine your eligibility. To apply for a CSRTS grant, applicants must be a political subdivision of the state. For a definition of "subdivision of the state", go to Justia US Law.            

Identify what type of grant your project might qualify for, infrastructure or non-infrastructure: On our website, you can find helpful documents featuring sample infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects as well as the top-scoring applications from 2018 for your reference.

3. Go to You will need to sign up for an account, after which you will be able to access our online application. If you have previously registered, check your username and password to ensure you're ready to go!

4. Read through our Grant Application Guide. We have provided a thorough run-down of both infrastructure and non-infrastructure applications so you know exactly what to expect and have the tools to be successful. Throughout this guide, we provide additional explanations to items in the various sections as well as helpful resources. If possible, print out or pull up this guide so it is readily available to reference while you are filling out your application. 

5. Talk to us. Colorado Safe Routes to School Manager Melissa Trecoske Houghton is continuing to offer brief phone consultations to discuss your project. Please email [email protected] to schedule. 

Look out for additional communications regarding this funding opportunity throughout the open application window! Thank you for joining us in our efforts to improve student and community health and well-being!

 2021 Grant Application Guide

Other Helpful Resources

Top-Scoring Applications:

Top-scoring infrastructure application 2018: Boulder County Transportation

Top-scoring non-infrastructure application 2018: Center Consolidated School District

Colorado: The Official State Web Portal