Special Event Permits and Information

Pedal the Plains Bicycle TourPhoto courtesy Pedal The Plains Bicycle Tour

Colorado's beautiful scenery and active lifestyle make it an exciting state to host special outdoor events. Each year, Colorado is home to hundreds of special events such as golf tournaments, concerts, ski events, bicycle rides and races, running events, and more.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) recognize the need for these events to use the state transportation system because of its accessibility, its proximity to many of Colorado's popular destinations, and its ease of use.

While a positive and safe experience is important for event participants, a positive experience is also important to others who may also be affected by the event: property owners, spectators, additional road users and others.

CDOT and CSP have a mission of transportation safety and efficiency for all users, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists, and both regular users and special users. To that purpose, this guideline has been developed to assist special event organizers in meeting CSP and CDOT requirements, following all applicable state laws, and ultimately ensuring a safe experience for all users of the state transportation system.