Campaign Materials

CDOT developed and produced materials that “reveal” the dangers of distracted driving by providing an interactive experience with web banners, posters and brochures.

These materials are free for your use. Please email Jeri Jo Johnson at [email protected] to order materials that you can distribute to help share the message about distracted driving.

Web Banners

The Distraction Game CDOTDDwebad300x250v2
Banner Banner 300x250x2
Banner 300x250x2

300x250 Eating & Driving



Banner 300x600 Banner 160x600 Banner 300x250




CDOTdistractedposter11x17 INTERACTIVE VF Page 1 CDOTdistractedposter STATIC 11x17 VF
11x17 Interactive Poster 11x17 Static Poster



Distracted Driving Brochure (pdf)

Distracted Driving Brochure PressVF (pdf)


Presentation Material

Distracted Driving Presentation 2014 (pdf)