About HPTE

The High-Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) was formed to aggressively pursue innovative means of more efficiently financing important surface transportation infrastructure projects that will improve the safety, capacity, and accessibility of the surface transportation system, can feasibly be commenced in a reasonable amount of time, will allow more efficient movement of people, goods, and information throughout the state, and will accelerate the economic recovery of the state.

Such innovative means of financing projects include, but are not limited to, public-private partnerships, operating concession agreements, user fee-based project financing, and availability payment and design-build contracting.

The HPTE shall operate as a government-owned business within the department and shall be a division of the department.

Revenues of the HPTE are derived from user fees and the issuance of revenue bonds. The HPTE has the ability to borrow funds from the Transportation Commission. Revenues collected by the Enterprise may be expended only for the project for which they were collected or for a project that is integrated with that project.

The ability to toll existing highway/road capacity is another tool of the HPTE. The HPTE must receive local approval from every local government in which all or any portion of the highway segment or highway lanes are contained or that will be substantially impacted.


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