Construction Inspector Certification Program

About the Program

The Construction Inspector Certification program was created by CDOT in 2004 to develop a qualified inspection staff to obtain a higher-quality end product on the highway. All construction inspectors—whether from CDOT or a consultant—must demonstrate proficiency by passing the required exams and earning certification within the developed categories (Engineers-in-Training are exempt from the Basic Highway Math Exam).

There are three categories of inspector exams:

  • Basic Highway Math
  • Basic Highway Plan Reading
  • Basic Construction Surveying

Each exam costs $40.00 (credit and debit cards only). Payment is collected through CDOT’s learning management system, the SOC Learns Training Portal

Need a SOC Learns account to take the Construction Inspector Exams?

Please request an account. 

Accounts are typically approved within 1-2 business days. SOC Learns provides CDOT consultant partners access to all Transportation Engineering Training Program instructor-led courses and self-paced e-learning courses.

Prepare for the Exams

CDOT has developed self-study manuals for four of the entry-level certification courses.