Transportation Engineering Training Program

Program Overview

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Transportation Engineering Training Program (TETP) hosts courses that are available to our partners in the transportation community. TETP offers self-paced e-learnings as well as in-person and virtual instructor-led-training (ILT) in:

  • Pre-Construction (Design Development)
  • Construction (Construction Delivery)

TETP training focuses on processes and procedures that are unique to CDOT.

2024 Fiscal Year Course Descriptions, Costs & Schedules

The Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) TETP Training Schedules have been released and classes are now available for enrollment. Use the FY24 TETP Brochure and Training Schedules linked below to find courses that meet your learning needs. If you find a course you're interested in taking, visit TETP's Access the LMS web page for instructions on how to register.

Before enrolling, take note of the delivery type (in-person, virtual, online eLearning) and any required prerequisites that need to be completed before the start of the first session.

SOC Learns Training Portal Is Live - Sign Up for an Account to Access Training

In Oct. 2022 CDOT moved to a new Learning Management System (LMS) called State of Colorado (SOC) Learns. All TETP training is managed in SOC learns and all external partners must request an account to gain access, even if you had an account in our old LMS (SuccessFactors). 

Visit the Access the LMS web page to sign up for a SOC Learns account.

External partners with old LMS accounts will have their learning history from SuccessFactors merged with your newly created SOC Learns account. You'll receive an email confirming your new account once your account is finalized and approved.

Accessibility Accommodations

Accessibility accommodations for TETP training can be requested through the Office of Employee Development at [email protected].