Transportation Engineering Training Program

Program Overview

CDOT's Transportation Engineering Training Program develops and hosts training for CDOT engineering staff, consultant partners and local agency personnel. TETP offers a variety of learning formats, including self-paced online e-learning as well as in-person and virtual instructor-led courses that cover:

  • Preconstruction (Design Development)
  • Construction (Delivery)

TETP training emphasizes CDOT-specific processes and procedures.

Fiscal Year Course Descriptions, Costs and Schedules

The State of Colorado's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. The 2024 fiscal year instructor-led training season has concluded and the 2025 training schedule will be announced in August.

All TETP training is managed in CDOT's learning management system, the State of Colorado Learns Training Portal. External partners must request an account to gain access to free TETP e-learnings and enroll in instructor-led courses, even if they had an account in our old LMS (SuccessFactors). 

Visit the Access the LMS web page to sign up for a SOC Learns account.

External partners with old LMS accounts will have their learning history from SuccessFactors merged with their newly created SOC Learns account. An email notification will be sent when the account is approved.

Did you miss out on a course in FY24? 

Follow the instructions to get notified when a new session is scheduled in FY25.


Contact the TETP Manager, Allison Wilson, at [email protected] with any questions.

Accessibility at CDOT

CDOT is continuing to improve the user experience and applying accessibility standards to ensure equitable access for all. Our websites and applications are aligned with WCAG 2.2 Level A and AA, and they are designed to meet the State of Colorado Technical Standard TS-OEA-002 and House Bill 21-1110. In compliance with 8 CCR 1501-11, Section 11.11, CDOT shall make reasonable modifications to policies, practices and procedures in an effort to ensure CDOT programs are accessible to individuals with disabilities, and to ensure nondiscrimination against persons with disabilities. For assistance with this tool, refer to the CDOT Accessibility Statement webpage.