Transportation Engineering Training Program

The Colorado Department of Transportation is excited to announce that its engineering training classes are being made available to our partners in the transportation community. Use this site to view and register for our courses.

Course Schedule & Descriptions

The 2018-19 course schedule is now available! Review available pre-construction courses and construction courses, and see full course descriptions and costs to find classes that are right for you.


To register, please complete our registration template, and follow the instructions provided.

Seating Availability

Seating availability depends on CDOT's internal training needs and demands.

Training Questions?

Call 303-757-9298.


These educational courses are intended as guidance regarding design, construction and management of transportation projects, and do not constitute official rules or regulations of CDOT.

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    Allison Wilson
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    Strategic Workforce Solutions
    Office of Employee Development
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    Denver, CO 80204

Look for the new FY20 schedule to be posted by September! 

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