About the Applied Research and Innovation Branch (ARIB)

ARIB onsite at the Central-70 Project visit 2020

Our Mission

The mission of the ARIB is to conduct a program of high-quality, applied research, advancing solutions to the increasingly complex needs confronting Colorado's transportation future.

ARIB saves Colorado citizens money, time, and lives while preserving the environment and quality of life through the research of innovative products and materials, exploration of emerging technologies, and transfer of published results from transportation research outside Colorado.

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Research Program Areas

  • Environmental, Water Quality and Sustainability 
  • Structure, Hydraulic and Geotechnical
  • Safety, Operations, and Planning
  • Pavement and Materials
  • Library & Information

National Participation 

ARIB also participates in national research efforts such as Transportation Research Board (TRB), AASHTO, FHWA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

How to Submit a Research Idea

Research ideas are submitted in the form of a problem statement. Problem statements are reviewed by Research staff, Oversight Teams and the Research and Implementation Council. Those problem statements that are selected for funding will be developed into research projects including, typically, contracting with a university or private researcher as principal investigator.

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