1995 Research Reports

CDOT Research Reports, 1995
File PDF document Avalanche Hazard Index for Colorado Highways
Research Report 1995-17, Authors: Arthur Mears, Keywords: Avalanches
File PDF document A Case Study of Concrete Deck Behavior in a Four-Span Prestressed Girder Bridge: Final Report
Research Report 1995-16, Authors: Li Cao, John Allen, P. Benson Shing, David Woodham, Keywords: Bridge Decks
File PDF document Demonstration of the Placement of Stone Matrix Asphalt in Colorado
Research Report 1995-1, Authors: Donna Harmelink, Timothy Aschenbrener, Ken Wood, Keywords: Stone Mastic Asphalt
File PDF document A Documentation of Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays on I-25 in 1994
Research Report 1995-14, Authors: Timothy Aschenbrener, Keywords: Asphalt Pavement
File PDF document Dynamic Traffic Modeling of the I-25/HOV Corridor
Research Report 1995-11, Authors: Bruce Janson, Juan Robles, Keywords: Travel Time
File PDF document Environmentally Sensitive Sanding and Deicing Practices
Research Report 1995-5, Authors: Nien-Yin Chang, Walter Pearson, James Chang, Al Gross, Mark Meyer, Marva Jolly, Barbara Vang, Hellen Samour, Keywords: Deicing, Sanding
File PDF document EPS, Flowfill, and Structural Fill for Bridge Abutment Highway Backfill
Research Report 1995-15, Authors: Shan-Tai Yeh, C.K. Su, Keywords: Bridge Approaches
File PDF document Factors Affecting the Inter-Laboratory Reproducibility of the Bulk Specific Gravity of Samples Using the Texas Gyratory Compactor
Research Report 1995-8, Authors: Charles MacKean, Keywords; Asphalt Pavement
File PDF document Field and Analytical Evaluation of the Effects of Tied PCC Shoulders and Widened Slabs on Performance of JPCP
Research Report 1995-18, Authors: H. Thomas Yu, Kurt Smith, M.I. Darter, Keywords: Concrete Pavement
File PDF document High Performance Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement for Intersections
Research Report 1995-10, Authors: Timothy Aschenbrener, Scott Shuler, Keywords: Asphalt Pavement
File PDF document Investigation of Low Temperature Thermal Cracking in Hot Mix Asphalt
Research Report 1995-7, Authors: Timothy Aschenbrener, Keywords: Asphalt Pavement
File PDF document Keyway Curb Construction Report
Research Report 1995-3, Authors: Skip Outcalt, Keywords: Curbs
File PDF document PCCP Texturing Methods
Research Report 1995-2, Authors: Ahmad Ardani, Skip Outcalt, Keywords: Concrete Pavement, Tire/Pavement Noise
File PDF document Reference Energy Mean Emission Levels Used in STAMINA 2.0 for Highway Noise Prediction in the State of Colorado
Research Report 1995-6, Authors: Louis Cohn, Keywords: Traffic Noise, Tire/Pavement Noise
File PDF document Research: An Investment in the Future
Research Report 1995-13, Authors: Beth Moore, Keywords: Research Management
File PDF document Resilient Modulus of Granular Soils with Fines Content
Research Report 1995-9, Authors: N.Y. Chang, Hsien-Hsing Chiang, Lieu-Ching Jiang, Keywords: Resilient Modulus, Soils
File PDF document Using Ground Tire Rubber in Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements
Research Report 1995-12, Authors: Donna Harmelink, Robert LaForce, Keywords: Rubberized Asphalt
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