2023 Research Reports

DEFEnS - DEbris and Flood flow Early warNing System: Use of DopplerVelocity Radars to Monitor Debris and Flood wave Velocities and Travel times in Post-wildfire Basins

Research Report 2023-05, Authors: John W. Fulton, Nick G. Hall, Laura A. Hempel, J.J. Gourley, Mark F.Henneberg, Michael S. Kohn, William Famer, Andrew S. Stecklein, DanielWasielewski, Amanullah Mommandi, and Aziz Khan. Keywords: Near-field Doppler velocity radar; discharge; velocity;river; probability concept; flood wave velocity; traveltime; wildland fire; burn scar.

CDOT 2D Quick checks statewide initiative

Research Report 2023-09, Authors: Kalli Wegren, Brian Varrella, Brian Campbell. Keywords:2D Hydraulic Modeling; 2D Quick Checks; 2dQC; Hydraulic; SMS; Project Support; Project Delivery.