2022 Research Reports

CDOT Research Reports, 2022
Colorado Wildlife Prioritization Studies

Research Reports 2022-03 and 2019-01. CDOT and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) launched the Western Slope Wildlife Prioritization Study (WSWPS) in 2016 to address the issue of wildlife-vehicle collisions. The Prioritization approach provided proactive tools for pursuing strategic wildlife-highway mitigation where it is needed most. The WSWPS report (2019-01) was completed in 2019, focusing on CDOT Regions 3 & 5 which make up the western portion of CO. Shortly after completion, CDOT and CPW partnered again, launching the Eastern Slope and Plains Wildlife Prioritization Study (2022-03) which was completed in 2022. Together they provide a statewide perspective on priority wildlife-highway conflict areas and mitigation needs. The two final reports and supporting documents are included here. Keywords: Wildlife crossings, decision-support, transportation planning, wildlife mitigation, wildlife prioritization, wildlife-vehicle collision, traffic safety.

Ag-Based Deicing Additives

Research Report 2022-06, Authors: Laura Fay, Matthew Bell, Lura Johnson, Karalyn Clouser. Keywords: Ag-based, deicer, cheese brine, winter maintenance.