Emergency Preparedness

Fire Emergency Preparedness at the Eisenhower‐Johnson Memorial Tunnels, CO

Research Report 2017-06, Authors: Kirk McDaniel, Chris Enright, Jürgen Brune, Max Zurhorst, Richard Gilmore, Ryan Ostoyich. Keywords: Emergency Preparedness, vehicular tunnel, fire life safety, fire scenarios, fixed fire suppression system, computational fluid dynamics, Fire Dynamic Simulator, emergency response, emergency management, risk, hazard evaluation

Post-Fire Ground Treatments

Research Report 2018-19. Author: Christopher Bareither, Paul Heyliger, Kayla Moden, and Kirsten Peterson. Keywords: Erosion Control, Geotechnical, geotechnical engineering, numerical modeling, runoff, Soils, wildfire, Emergency Preparedness, Roadside Vegetation

Emergency Escape Ramps (EER) Improvements

Research Report No. CDOT-2018-20, Authors: Dr. Rodolfo Valdes Vasquez, Dr. Kelly Strong, and Dr. Scott Shuler. Keywords: Arrester beds, Escape lanes, Road safety, Safety, Trucking safety. Emergency Escape Ramps (EER) Improvements, Emergency Preparedness, Traffic Safety, Truck Traffic, Truck Ramp Aggregates, Vehicle Handling