Worker Safety

Automated Placement and Retrieval of Traffic Cones

Research Report 2017-07, Authors: LuAnn Theiss and Gerald L. Ullman. Keywords: Work Zone, Worker Safety, Traffic Safety, temporary traffic control, maintenance of traffic, channelizing devices, cones, drums, vertical panels

Potential Impacts of Solar Arrays on Highway Environment, Safety and Operations

Research Report 2015-08, Authors: Ananda Paudel, Arthur Hirsch. Keywords: Alternative Energy, Worker Safety, Traffic Safety, Rest Areas, Public-Private Initiatives, Solar array, right of way, energy provider, Environmental Assessments, safety, operation and maintenance, risk impacts, glare, snow drifting, decision making tools, NEPA

Winter Maintenance Performance Measure

Research Report 2016-02, Authors: Colin Walsh, Keywords: Worker Safety, Performance Measures, Weather Conditions, winter performance, mobility, storm severity, snow, region 4, CDOT, Maintenance and Operations