Transit & Rail

About the Division

Created in 2009 via state legislation, the Division of Transit & Rail is responsible for the planning, developing, operating, and integrating transit and rail into the statewide transportation system. This is consistent with CDOT's mission of providing "the best multimodal transportation system for Colorado that most effectively and safely moves people, goods and information."

The division also works with other transit and rail providers to plan, promote, and implement investments in transit and rail services statewide. To accomplish this, it developed the Colorado State Freight and Passenger Rail Plan (approved by the Colorado Transportation Commission in March 2012). With the development of the State Rail Plan, CDOT is now eligible for Federal Railroad Administration funds. 

In March 2015, a Statewide Transit Plan was developed. This plan identifies local, regional, and statewide transit and passenger rail needs and priorities. Both of these required plans will be integrated into the long-range Statewide Transportation Plan.

Other Responsibilities

The division also:

  • administers the Federal Grant Program
  • administers the State Grant Program (FASTER)
  • conducts transit and rail planning
  • coordinates with agencies and stakeholders
  • complies with federal requirements
  • conducts performance and asset management

Division Responsibilities

  • Design, build, finance, operate, maintain and contract for transit services (such as bus, passenger rail, and advanced guide-way system services)
  • Administer and expend state and federal funds for:
    • building, maintaining and operating interregional transit, advanced guideway, and passenger rail services
    • transit projects including, but not limited to, facilities, equipment, services and provision of grants to transit operators
    • coordinating and negotiating with the railroads
    • supporting CDOT in representing the state regarding development of intercity rail facilities, including high-speed rail projects
    • coordinating and cooperating with regional transportation authorities

Guiding Principles for Transit Planning at CDOT

  • When planning and designing for future transportation improvements, CDOT will consider the role of transit in meeting the mobility needs of the multimodal transportation system. CDOT will facilitate increased modal options and interface to facilities for all transportation system users.
  • CDOT will consider the role of transit in maintaining, maximizing and expanding system capacity and extending the useful life of existing transportation facilities, networks and right of way.
  • CDOT will promote system connectivity and transit mobility by linking networks of local, regional and interstate transportation services.
  • CDOT will work towards integrating transit to support economic growth and development, and the state’s economic vitality. CDOT will pursue transit investments that support economic goals in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • CDOT will establish collaborative partnerships with local agencies, transit providers, the private sector and other stakeholders to meet the state’s transit needs through open and transparent processes.
  • CDOT will advocate for state and federal support of transit in Colorado including dedicated, stable and reliable funding sources for transit.  Through partnerships, CDOT will leverage the limited transit funds available and seek new dollars for transit in Colorado.