Resource Materials

File PDF document AAR National Rail Capacity Study
File BNSF Commuter Rail Principles
File BNSF Railway Public-Private PPP Guiding Principles 3-29-2009
File CDOT’s Potential Rail Line Acquisition Report to the Transportation Legislative Review Committee
Potential Rail Line Acquisition Report - Prepared by Colorado Department of Transportation
File Pascal source code Colorado Statewide Freight Roadmap
File Troff document Establishing a Framework for Transit and Rail Performance Measures, December 2012
File Federal Rail Plan Requirements (Prepared by CDOT & BNSF)
File Final Report - High-Speed Rail Peer Exchange (Hosted by Wisconsin DOT)
Front Range Commuter Bus Study
File Government Accountability Office Report on High Speed Rail
High Speed Passenger Rail - Future development will depend of addressing financial and other challenges and establishing a clear federal role
File RealAudio broadcast High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail (HSIPR) Guidance 6-16-09 (FRA)
File High-Speed Rail: A National Perspective (National Railroad Passenger Corporation)
File High Speed Trains - A National Vision (Presentation given to PENTRANS by AECOM)
File PDF document Local Coordinating Councils: Funding Availability (Spring 2011)
An announcement of funds available for the creation of new or support of existing local human services transportation coordination councils: Local Coordinating Councils or LCC.
File PDF document Local Coordinating Council Handbook (2008)
A reference document for communities interested in organizing a local coordinating council for human services transportation.
File Preliminary National Rail Plan 10-15-09
File Senate Bill 09-108 (FASTER)
File State DOT staff resources for administering Federal public transportation programs, 2007 (Transportation Research Board)
File application/x-ica Vision for High-Speed Rail In America - (FRA)
File Vision for HSR - Highlights of Strategic Plan (FRA)
File Western HSR Alliance - Brochure
File Troff document Western HSR Alliance - FactSheet
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Going Lean

Transit & Rail is Going LEAN!

"Everyone, Every day, Improving Every Process and Every Product, for Every Customer"
At the Colorado Department of Transportation we use Lean to help us deliver excellent services and programs to our citizens through the improvement of our operations. Everyone, every day is involved in enhancing the services and programs provided to our fellow citizens. At CDOT, we use Lean and our existing resources to create more value in the work we do on a daily basis to ensure our processes are effective and impactful.

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