State Highway 60 Environmental Overview Study

The purpose of the State Highway 60 Environmental Overview Study (SH 60 EOS) is to:

  • Identify the safety and mobility improvements necessary to address the future travel demand within the SH60 corridor for the year 2030
  • Provide an overall strategy for CDOT and the local jurisdictions for right of way preservation and access control necessary to allow the future implementation of improvements with respect to changes in land use and rapid development along the corridor

Information that will be gathered:

  • Environmental data
  • Traffic and Transportation data
  • Public input
  • Land use, growth projections, policies. 

How it will help us:

  • Define the future needs of the corridor
  • Define any existing deficiencies
  • Provide better understanding of important community values
  • Provide better understanding of the relationship between transportation, proposed land use, and the natural and built environment
What an EOS is /is not:
  • An EOS is... A transportation planning process
  • A basis for making a recommendation for long-term roadway improvements
  • Support for local planning decisions
  • A way to identify the necessary corridor footprint to be preserved for future improvements
  • An EOS is not... A replacement for an Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)